15 Minutes to Calm - Yoga for Beginners

This course gives you a fifteen minute morning yoga practice. It incorporates movement and stillness, breathwork and meditation, and it asks questions of you to help you integrate yoga in to your daily life.

That's the thing about yoga, very little of it is about what you do in class or on your mat, it's about the sort of person you are, your morals, your dreams, your soul, your joy and your purpose. It's about reconnecting to who you truly are, and allowing yourself to feel truly free.

This course comes in the form of a pdf with a workbook included in it. There's photos (of me!) so you can see each posture or breathing exercise and a video with audio explanation that you can move along to once you've read and practiced each posture.

There are three parts to the course:

  1. Pranayama - a breathing exercise to bring balance and flow to the body.
  2. Vinyasa - the flow of a sequence of postures to warm the body, stretch and strengthen the muscles and encourage a meditative mindset.
  3. Shavasana - the final resting posture, important enough to warrant it's own section!
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